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Are you living authentically?

Following the recent news from King of daytime TV, Philip Schofield coming out as gay after being married for 27 years, the question ‘Are you living authentically?’ has never felt more relevant.

For many, standing in your true self is a lot more challenging than it sounds. However, by actively being present in each moment, you can recognise if you’re being your true authentic self. Being present is easier said than done though! The norm with our current climate is that we allow the world (and our inbox) to set our agenda. Instead of thinking about our inner selves we focus on how we can get ahead, filling any quiet time with social media and worrying about who we are and how we appear to others. 

It’s essential to remember, if you want to maintain your wellbeing, to live prosperously and retain or discover your authentic self, you must make a conscious effort to have REAL human connections (not just online ones). We all need to be stimulated to feel alive and we do this by engaging directly with other people where energy is exchanged and bounced back and forth. Social media has provided the perfect distraction from real life. The bright shiny allure of stepping into a different world to escape our own reality is at our fingertips. Our phones now provide solutions to all of our problems, even ones we didn’t know we had! Tracking sleep and our breathing are just the tip of the anxiety iceberg. We surpass the moment we’re living in and find solutions through social media and apps to fix or track problems that weren’t an issue before. We’re moving away from recognising our needs as our inner voice is drowned out by the noise we’re digesting daily. 
Let your authentic self rise up

How many times have you got flustered in a meeting? Have you ever been distracted by what the other person is saying and you don’t get your point across? Did you feel compromised? It’s easy to then get trapped in a cycle of never feeling like your needs are being met and any authenticity you were trying to display gets lost.

In times of need, try focusing on your breath. Meditation should be something you can click into anywhere at anytime, the real learning is to be able to call upon yourself, when stress begins to show up. Your apps won’t be there, but your consciousness to the situation will be if you have been practicing to find inner stillness. Your authentic self will rise up when you really need it. Practice is key. Try looking inwards, at the Physical, Mental, Emotional and Spiritual aspects of yourself to see which one needs nurturing. Ask yourself; how well are you balancing these four areas if each area equalled 25%. How full do you feel right now?

We all have an internal compass, a gut feeling, intuition and if you don’t feel any of these you need to spend some time finding it. Why? Because this is part of discovering your authentic self. This will help you develop your internal value system; a checklist of your own personal boundaries to live your life by. Knowing that not everyone will agree with you, like you or want to be your friend, is important to understand. Equally, knowing that you can rely on yourself and trust your internal compass is hugely reassuring. So when you go into that next big meeting, you can trust yourself, and bring self awareness to that moment, knowing you will react better and more authentically to the situation you’re in.