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Craving Instant Success?

You’ve given up everything, a secure pay check, remortgaged your house, stopped spending frivolously, all so you can put 110% into your business, emotionally, physically and financially. But STILL nothing feels like it’s really working? YOU ARE NOT ALONE.

We are all looking for this feeling of instant gratification, instant results, instant success. We try one new thing with our business and if it doesn’t work we automatically feel like a failure.


In a world full of social media likes, building businesses and surviving this new path you are on is far from any instant gratification you may now be accustomed to… Thank you instagram for making us all completely obsessed with subconsciously needing instant recognition.

The principles of building businesses are the same today as they were at least 100 years a go. So let’s remember 5 key areas below to stay focused on:
HARD WORK  If you want this to work then you need to be 100% dedicated to put in the hard work it requires. So roll up those sleeves!
CONSISTENCY  Turning up every day even when you feel you want to throw the towel in or change direction, focus on what you set out to achieve. You’ve got this!
RESPECT TIME  It takes time to build a business. You need to create plans, you need to find your team, you need to develop ideas, you need to understand your customer, you need to understand your business offering. All this takes time. Time is the one thing we all have, so respect it and use it wisely. It’s easy being busy, but are you being effective?
BUILD REWARDING RELATIONSHIPS  Real life relationships with people are vital in business, whether you’re building a network around you, with your customers, perspective clients or like minded people who understand what you’re trying to create. This is vital for you to begin to see progress, so get building your network today.
INVESTMENT You are running a business, not a passion. You have to understand that investment in all it’s form, however small (Your own time) or big (Financial) you have to invest in your business if you’re going to grow.