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IN THE SPOTLIGHT… with Maria Greiner from Nike

This month we’re thrilled to feature our first (of many) ‘In The Spotlight’ interviews. 

We’ll be speaking with exceptionally successful professionals working at some of the most exciting brands in the world, and finding out how they balance wellbeing in the workplace.

To kick things off let me introduce you to Maria Greiner, working as a Category Sales Manager NSW at Nike.

1. Tell us a little about your job?
I’ve been working at Nike for nearly eight years, and have done a number of different roles. My current job entails looking after our NSW business within East. 

2. What are your three top tips for reducing stress?
I think the key to reducing stress is to be organised. I swear by a to do list, and online food delivery! My first boss told me ‘think with your feet’ and that’s really stuck with me over the years. 

“Think about how you can make life easier, and work for you better.”

3. Do you have a self care routine?
I try a little bit of everything. I’m currently nine months pregnant so exercise/moving is a bit harder. However in normal life I really try to do a mix of running, hiit classes and yoga. I have a bath most nights and it’s such a re-set for me. Washes off the day and stresses of work life and mum life, and gives me thirty minutes to myself.

4. How do you switch off from work?
I’m fortunate to live about four minutes from my work and on my way home, I need to pick up my son from nursery. It was actually a little hard to not commute and to have that winding down time but now that I’m used to it, as soon as I’m at nursery, I’m on mum mode.

5. What one piece of advice would you give to your younger self?
That you can have it all. It might not come easy, and you might have to fight along the way but that it’s all worth it.